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Intro To Obsessions& Compulsions.

We will start by looking into Obsessions, what they mean and how they affect people. Read more about what Pure "O" means, how everyone has Violent and/or Sexual thoughts to a certain degree and so on...
Then look at how Compulsions work.
Read more about why rituals are repeated, which actions might be repeated and so on...

If you understand those 2 elements of OCD, you can look at how they interact or counteract each other by looking at the OCD- Cycle.

Someone with OCD will often feel as if their obsession or ritual is different from someone else's but this isn't the case at all. There are so many different types of OCD- Symptoms that although slight differences may occur there most likely will be 1 you will be able to relate to. Hopefully this knowledge will lead to you feeling less alone.
Feel free to add your OCD- Symptom and/or to read those others sent in.

OCD- Aspects got their own page since although they are OCD- symptoms, they are also amongst the less known 1's. Most people have heard of people with OCD who wash, count or check, but there are a few aspects of OCD such as Hoarding and Hit- and- Run that could benefit from being given just that little extra attention.

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